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SMZDPY 10 Years Series Complete Bundle:


1. 爱在人间 Love Exists
2. 没有翅膀 Flying Without Wings
3. 善苗 Seedling of Kindness
4. 生命中的朋友 Friends in Life
5. 用心唱歌的兄弟 Brothers in Song
6. 转角处 Turning Point
7. 生气时,停一停 Take a Breather
8. 择 Decision
9. 有你的陪伴 With You By My Side
10. 存在不存在 To Exist or To Not
11. 转变 Transformation
12. 迎接挑战 Rise to the Challenge
13. 微笑 Smile
14. 对错之间 Right or Wrong
15. 幸福回忆 Precious Memories
16. 学会了爱 I Discovered Love
17. 候鸟归 Return of MIgratory Birds
18. 平静 Stillness
19. 我们的游戏 Our Game
20. 加油 Press On
21. 奔跑的稻草人 The Running Scarecrow

*Bundle includes off-vocal tracks for all songs in the album.


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Release Date: 12 August 2021
(P) 2021 Happy Productions Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) 
(C) 2021 Happy Productions Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)