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1.  小爱心 Little Sweet Heart (Off Vocal)
2.  快乐一家亲 Happy Family (Off Vocal)
3.  大手牵小手 Nurturing Hands (Off Vocal)
4.  多留在家 Staying Home With You (Off Vocal)
5.  永远的朋友 Friends Forever (Off Vocal)
6.  谢谢你 Thank You (Off Vocal)
7.  多留在家 (Bonus) Staying Home With You (Off Vocal)


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Release Date: 25 August 2021


(P) 2021 Happy Productions Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) / Daie Culture Product Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

(C) 2021 Happy Productions Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) / Daie Culture Product Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)


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