Collection: 《与法同行》Follow the Path of Dharma

"Follow the Path of Dharma" Buddhist Hymns

  In 2014, San Seng Tong Youth proposed a plan to enhance and expand the Buddhist music group. Leader of the group, Li Han Boon, reached out to the coordinator of S.M.Z.D.P.Y, Tan Chee Wei. In 2015, S.M.Z.D.P.Y launched the music composition workshop to the San Seng Tong Youth in Kuching. The workshop is a yearly activity, where youths are given the space to explore their creativity in the presence of the Buddha in their Buddhist hall, through training and sharing activities.

  With original Buddhist songs now in hand, Li Han Boon and the San Seng Tong Youths extended their reach to Sri Aman Buddhist Association, Betong Buddhist Society, Bintangor Buddhist Association and Sibu Buddhist Association in 2016 to conduct music sharing activities. During the event, there are lectures and sharing conducted by Venerable Fo Sheng, accompanied by the youths’ original Buddhist songs, which appealed to all the audiences, creating a ripple effect for more of such activities to be conducted.

Different places, yet we sing the same song.
Experience the beauty of Buddhism with your heart and find the most authentic happiness!

In 2017, the San Seng Tong invited S.M.Z.D.P.Y to launch "Follow the Path of Dharma", which won the strong support and cooperation of various Buddhist organisations in Sarawak. Under the leadership of Venerable Fo Sheng, a group of youths embarked on a 1,500 kilometer round-trip drive to share the joy of learning Buddhism with many others. They also communicated with fellow practitioners in Sarawak and continued to encourage each other to spread the love and devotion to Buddhism.

With the success of these events, the San Seng Tong continued to promote them in 2018 and 2019 along with S.M.Z.D.P.Y, which garnered the support of even more organisations. In 2018, "Follow the Path of Dharma" was conducted as a study trip to West Malaysia. With the assistance of the YBAM Kedah and Perlis State Liaison, the events also extended to the North Malaysia region.

Journey from Cultivation to Music Production

S.M.Z.D.P.Y nurtured the youth group as they improved on their music production skills and provided them training through the music composition workshop. After 5 years of its running, the San Seng Tong Youth has produced no less than 50 original Buddhist songs. A select bunch of these songs were selected and produced by the team from Happy Production, in hopes that these songs will guide the youths in their growth, and deepen their connection to the Buddha’s teachings. 

While the production of "Follow the Path of Dharma" is planned and promoted by San Seng Tong and Happy Production, led by music producers Ng Kang Kee and Wilson Tan, it is really through the efforts of the youths at San Seng Tong that these songs were composed with such beautiful lyrics.


San Seng Tong Centre of Buddhism Culture and Education Building Fund

Due to the increasing activities and programs in San Seng Tong, the existing space is insufficient to accommodate the growing need as a multifaceted learning centre. Thus, Ven. Shi Fo Sheng vows to develop San Seng Tong Centre of Buddhism Culture and Education. The main purpose is to have a space for disciples to learn Dharma, for the betterment of the society

The blueprint of San Seng Tong Centre of Buddhism Culture and Education consists of the main shrine, kindergarten, youth centre, meditation room and a multipurpose hall.

Part of the profit from the sales of each album will also be donated to San Seng Tong Centre of Buddhism Culture and Education building fund.

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