Collection: 《滞留的少年》 Teenager

Meet In The Future | Teenager

Georgen’s EP “Teenager” is produced by Happy Production, led by music producers Ng Kang Kee and Wilson Tan

"Teenager" might be a temporary checkpoint for us. Let's look back together and trace the "Teenager" that lives in our hearts.
Do those dreams still remain in your mind? Amidst the countless choices you’ve made in life, have you progressed towards the goal or away from it?

Let us get rid of the anxiety and restlessness of worrying, immerse in the firm voices of Georgen and once again encourage yourself to rekindle the light of your dream.



Georgen Thye is a man of multiple identities. Besides being a singer, Georgen is also a dietitian, a council member of the Malaysian Dietitians' Association, a regular dietitian guest on radio station and TV programmes and also a content creator.

After being selected into the "Halo Music Singer Training Programme" in secondary school, Georgen has successively participated in the "UM Yao Lan Shou Song Composition" concert, "Fei Chang Ge Shou" and others. He won the 2nd "Fei Chang Ge Shou" best male singer and this was the beginning of a singing career for Georgen, he continued to participate in recording several albums as well as charity songs.

Georgen is also an excellent dietitian and has helped many people improve their health through various media channels. He has not forgotten his passion for music and his goal to become a singer. Apart from his nutrition expertise, he also wants to bring about spiritual healing through his music. Such vision resonates with Happy Production and they began preparations for the release of Georgen's first solo album EP.