Collection: 《還我一個青白》 Vindication

Sensational World Music Based on the Chinese Legend "Madame White Snake"

The collaboration between flautist Hua Pei and Peking Opera actress Chu An-Li is a cross-over performance based on the Peking Opera classic “Madame White Snake”. In this adaptation of the classic, Chu acted as the “White Snake”, while Hua acted as the “Green Snake”. This birthed the idea of producing an album incorporating the beauty of both western flute and Peking Opera. Later, Hua Pei crossed paths with Singaporean music producer, Ng Kang Kee, and invited him to lead the music production of “Vindication”.

In this album, various French contemporary flute techniques were employed by Hua Pei to present the various emotions of the character through the tone and mood of the flute. Many of the special techniques in the album are intended to mimic the sound of snakes. With reference to Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67., which uses the flute to represent the bird, the oboe to represent the duck, the three brass horns to represent the wolf, and the string quartet to represent Peter, Hua Pei implements a direct character representation of the Green Snake using her various Flute techniques.


The album also features the well-known Malaysian percussionist Mohd. Kamrulbahri bin Hussin (Kamrul Hussin). Kamrul Hussin represents the character, reverend Fa Hai, using Kendang, Rebana, Kompang and other traditional Malay percussion instruments, as well as the ancestral Rebab (a traditional instrument used in Malay Wayang Kulit), and his spiritual and powerful chant. This album is intertwined with flute classical music, Chinese Opera and Malay music, to present refreshing musical pieces based on the Chinese legend.