Collection: 《伊伊呀》 Yiyiya

Heal every Sorrow and Sadness

by singing a Lullaby to the World


“YiYiYa, Young and Frivolous
No matter how exciting it is, it's just a certain stage of the life

"YiYiYa" - The modernization of a poem, with the spin of a lyrical tune, transformed into a soothing song for adults, like a calming lullaby a mother puts her baby to sleep with. This song was composed by Boon Hoong, Siew Cheik, Yu Quan and Carol Tan, and then produced by Wilson Tan who combined different musical approaches to create a unique piece.


“Hum your favourite tune along to the lyrics of a poem. It won't get rid of the dark clouds hanging over you, but it sits with you in the black and brings comfort to your heart.” 

In life, it is not uncommon to encounter various challenges, in both the physical and mental realms. The writer, Carol Tan, hopes to bring comfort to the hearts of many through this song. Brought to life by

Alice's soft and delicate voice, the song communicates a sense of care to all.

“Amidst a world of lost souls, lend me your ears and hear the cry deep from my heart.” 

Through the ups and downs of life, it is normal to be faced with sadness and helplessness and yet humanity is built upon the belief that there are those who are willing to accompany and listen to you. 

The song "YiYiYa" conveys such empathy, in hopes of igniting a healing process to those who feel lost or perplexed.

Let this song take you into the wonderland of music and find the courage to take risks in your journey of life.

Discover more about Alice Yeak


20-year-old Alice Yeak has loved singing since she was a child. With her outstanding performances of nursery rhymes, she took the lead in a singing competition as a child. Since then, her teacher discovered her talent in singing and her parents furthered her talent by providing her the opportunity to work with a vocal teacher, starting her singing career ever since.

In 2019, Alice's talent was acknowledged by the director of "Sing! China". Passionate about music, Alice flew to China for the audition. While the process has not been a smooth journey, it has not diminished her love for music. Looking ahead, she will then pursue Music in Nanjing University, embarking on the next phase to fulfil her dream.

Alice's unique voice, coupled with the pure and romantic ideals of music, is a surefire factor for Happy Studio to decide to release her single EP - "YiYiYa".